Where They're Free ~ All The Time!!!

This~ is Summer.

"Hello fellow digi scrappers! My name is Summer Driggs and I want to welcome you to my free digital scrapbook blog. I am a stay-at-home mom from Arizona with 4 beautiful children and 1 handsome husband! As a side business I create photo announcements. I hope you enjoy my kits and feel free to email me if you use them...I'd love to see what you create!"
Summer is absolutely amazing. I've been lurking around her blog for a bit and am blown away at why she gives all her kits away for free! I'm not sure why, except that she does it from the heart.

She's a busy mom of 4 little kids, the youngest of which is either only 1 yr. old or younger, who's been dealing with repeat seizures, and she still finds time to make these *fab* kits. She loves her kids so much and every now and then she'll dedicate a kit to them. She's used all their fave colors in one, and used others depicting her interpretations of her feelings concerning relaxation and the meaning truth, for example. And it all connects together with how she feels about her kids.

I *love* it.

So here are a couple of examples of the kits she's created. You can click on these kits below, which will then take you to her blog. From there you will be able to scroll down and click on her pics of the kits to download them. And remember...there are a lot more there to download (without them ever expiring!)~ just be sure to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of the pages. Happy downloading!!