MORE End of September Freebies

I had so much fun searching for those kits last night (or this morning I should say), that I had to see what I could come up new for today! So here are some more fun ones.

*Note: Please remember that if some of the kits come up with a $ amount then they are *no longer free*, so be sure to watch for that, and decide whether or not you'd like to purchase them.

**Also: Please be sure to leave some *love* for those offering their works for free by leaving them a comment telling them so. They really do appriciate it.

***One final thing... click on the image to be taken to the desigener's blogs. Once there, you can click on their download link.


Digitreats_run_alphaprs_uPeace Photoshop Brushes and Vectors Set - in one package

Heather Taylor, Graffito



End of September Freebies

Hey there Peeps! I've just found these fun kits and thought I'd do some *sharing.*

But please keep in mind that most of these kits *do* expire. And quickly at that. So if some of them end up not being downloadable, please keep that in mind. (If you miss the dates of a freebie, you can usually find it for sale at the designer's store online.)

So here's tonight's list (and just click on the image to be taken to the designer's site - to then download them).