A Must Read

So while I'm still somewhat homeless (but only until the end of the month~ yessss!), you really should check out this blog by Becks Fagg

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(and btw, it's an old family name, and it's no better than her maiden name which was Beers {SO}, go figure).

She's the editor of Creativity! LIFE, Premium Brand Manager for Design Objectives, Founder of ScrapGenie, ScrapDirectory and Craft Life & Home (a free magazine)...She's {very} reliable, she knows her stuff, and someone I personally LOVE to kick it with! (miss you and your fam already Becks!) Not only that, but she actually {likes} to know what you think! But you have to keep checking in on her blog in order to get your name down in time as a {product tester} before the spots fill up. And in return....Freebis! Below is a pic of all the tids and bits one tester received, just for saying what she thought! Plus~ you get to {keep} what you test! Lots of fun stuff.

I have to warn you though...her blog can be {very} addicting. Not only does she have a personality that is all her own, she gives sneek peeks on new product coming out in her next magazine called Creativity Life (which will be available come May 1st)... leading edge info for the crafter's world...inspiration ideas galore...it's totally fab. And s
eriously, she's on my view-this-blog-DAILY-list. Check it out.


Mac Docs

Yes, that is where my poor, damaged Mac is at this very moment, at the Mac Doc. Well, actually, it's a store with great Mac support here in SLC, Ut (www.macdocs.com). I now have been subjected into using a PC (wince), until my dear Mac can come home. I still don't really know what's wrong with it, but whenever I try to use it for more than 20 min., it starts making crunching noises. I know, crunching! And even if I've just started it up and I go straight in to Photoshop, it crunches straight away. So all my photos are on that computer, and all my digi kits are on that computer, so I am at a standstill when it comes to any digiscrapping. I could do some traditional scrapping I guess, but all that fun stuff has no where to go yet, and is still in a box somewhere in storage until we move into (and buy) a new home. Oh! My poor Mac! Please come home to me soon!