Scrap Kits of the Month

Brought to you by my friend, Allison Taft! She's getting ambitious, my friends, and it's lookin' good too! She has her own blog site called Scrap Pack where you can go to view her kit(s) for this month, as well as past months too. But just to save you some time... here's the Kit for September:

Pretty cute, don't you think?

Never done a Kit of the Month before?

Here's the deal.

You go to Allison's blog, leave her a comment to let you know you're interested. She'll then combine all the supplies you'll need (pre-cut and everything), and give them to you as the Kit. Then you take it home and assemble it all together just the way you want it, or you can use the example(s) provided on her blog for quick scrappin'. You have a whole month to put it together, and when the next kit is available, you can either email Allison a pic of your completed pages or show up on her doorstep, to then receive the next month's kit.

And here's a little bonus for this month: When you bring in your kit from the previous month, you get $1 off on that month's kit!

Now. For those of you who live outside of the Salt Lake Valley (where she's based), you may want to chat with her about postage possibilites. So feel free to drop by her blog and check all that she's got going on!