Lesson #1

Hey ya'll! I've signed up for a kickin' photography class, and... I have to tell ya that I just *LOVE* it. Our very capable and humorous teacher is a well known photographer in the scrapbooking world: Candice Stringham.

The class is called 'Oh Shoot!', and is great for anyone who owns a digital SLR camera and has never taken it off 'auto', or who just wants to brush up their understanding and skills in the field of photography. And the cool thing is that it's an online class that lets you work at your own pace, no pressure, and you have access to all the lessons, class assignments and forums *forever.* Very cool, don't you think?

Also there are vids of the lessons as well. So for those of you who are like *me* and do much better learning things visually/hands-on, than this class is simply perrrrrrfect.

Lesson 1 - Shutter Speed
Learning about shutter speed was pretty basic and straight forward. Shutter Speed is basically the amount of time it takes the shutter to open and close and to capture your picture. The faster the shutter speed the more crisp a picture you'll end up with. Then, of course, the slower the shutter speed the longer time your shutter is exposed and capturing your picture, thus resulting with a sort of blurred pic/subject.

So I actually took my camera off 'auto' and came up with some satisfying photos under the TV mode on my Canon. Here's what I turned in for my assignment this week.

And yes, that is my *nasty* looking kitchen faucet. But just, kind of think of it as some kitchen faucet in the country, with character. That should work. Yeah. This is now a faucet in my home in the country with character. Yes, that'll do quite nicely.


Sam said...

ha ha sweetness!!! i love it! i'm so jealous, that class sounds amazazing. keep posting your photos! i wanna see em!