Over the Hill...Almost

Wow. Yeah. It's the Big 30 for me this year. You know...it wasn't so bad actually, since I dealt with all that "getting old" stuff about a month ago, when at that time I realized that it was just around the corner. So, having that all dealt with and out of the way~ my birthday was really great.

So I have to tell you all about how my day started out. This is good. First off, my husband had to leave out of town. On my Birthday. Yeah~ real good, right? (not) But I guess it was okay since he'd planned to be back by 4ish, which he was. :) And since he was gone there'd be no one to be at home with the kids whilst I go with my walking girls in the pre-dawn moments of the day. (hey girls!) So, as I layed there, I could hear some voices pass by my house, and I just *knew* it was them. That's when I knew it was time to not just wake up, but actually get my fat keester out of the bed as well!

I walked to the closet, pulled on a shirt and my pants (trousers), then took a quick glimpse out my window to do a weather check.

And what did I see???!!!


At first I thought it was my husband's idea of a good laugh. Then I realized that my dh knew how to spell my name correctly. :D

That's when it hit me... "NO!!!! THEY DIDN'T!!!" ...was the first thing out of my mouth. Then I noticed more color on my driveway (a little better than actually on the street), but I couldn't make it out as my van was in the way. So I got the kids dressed and we all went out to investigate. And THIS is what else we found.

And my suspisions were confirmed... My Walking Girls!

How could they?!

And yet it was actually quite creative and inventive of them, wouldn't you say?

Only...did they have to have done it to me?

I STILL can't believe they DID that! Okay, yes I can. :D

Well, after the kids and I had a good laugh after all (and a good photo shoot), we headed inside to hurry and start getting ready for school. I took the kids to school, came home and showered, went to the school to pick up Kindergartener, came home from the school, to then...

Head to the Park for a Bday Luncheon with **The Culprits**:

It was a great day after all. And my dh made up for his absence in the end with a total surprise weekend getaway! It was much needed, and very much so appreciated, even if was just here in town. As long as it was just him and me, and no kids...we were good.

Oh! And I almost forgot! Just as we were leaving our hotel, he stopped into a shop that I'd never been to before. It was a photo shop! And when we walked out we ended up leaving with one of these:
Canon 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 EF S  IS LensYeah~ I'm pretty happy. Surprised and happy. It's a Canon 55-250mm f/4-5.6 EF S IS Lens. yeah! Then we went up into the mountains to take some fun pics with it. I'll post some once I get them off my camera and onto my computer. 'THANKS HONEY!'

Okay. Now I've got to learn how to use it exactly...


Sam said...

oh what fun! that is so cute! ha ha