The Store is Officially Open!

Welcome to gingerscraps.net!

Team GingerScraps.net is now the Official Store/Community for Ginger! (gingerscraps.blogspot.com) She's up and running, and there's a LOT going on over there. There's fun games to participate in on the forums as well as Challenges, and Speed Scraps.

But what we ALL like to hear is that *magic* word: FREEBIES

Am I right?

She's offering two of her personal kits and this word kit for FREE downloading here.
It's Ladies Night

Learning To Walk


And...she's set up a thread on the forums here where anyone can post links to their own blogs/sites where they offer FREEBIES as well!

Now. She's also offering $5 Gift Cert's for the 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th & 100th Registered Users on the Forums. So be sure to just register (which is also free) under the Forums link for your chance to win.

Want another fun FREEBIE?

Okay...She's got one more offer that's pretty fun~

From last night at midnight til Sunday night (I think until midnight as well), whoever has the highest number of posts on the forums gets her *Entire Store* for FREE!

Now, lets face it, she only has 9 kits/products for SALE, but you have to remember that she only just opened too. And when you win, you have a week to download everything. Plenty of time! But hopefully long enough for her put up new products, yeah?!

One last thing.
If you still haven't done so, click here (for Macs) to download a free 30-day trial version of Photoshop Elements 6.

And for PC Windows Users?
Keep an eye on the Adobe Site for the release of PSE 7, along with it's Free Trial (not out yet!!!)

All so you can use all your fun freebies that you've been downloading!

Have fun, until next time!


Ginger said...

wow that was so nice!!!! thank you :)