Ohhhhh yeahhhhh. (ugh!) That's right, we're moving. Don't get me wrong, I love where we're going...back to the States...but I just absolutely abhor having to pack up all of my scrapbooking stuff! Because there is SO MUCH! That's what me and my husband are focusing in today, the Craft Room. Sigh.... Oh well. At least we're doing a really good job of it, you know? Like making sure my papers are packed properly for no smashage, and all my liquidy things in baggies for no leakageness.

Anyways, I'm here to tell you that although I have to pack and focus on that, hopefully I'll be able to jump on here and give ya'll an update, as well as some more fun stuff to check out.

AND...I'm on someone else's computer right now because mine's officially "on the fritz" and makes terrible crunching noises whenever I turn it on. It really needs to be serviced.

Ok! So...back to my Craft Room, and back to working with all my scrappin' stuff, only not in the way I'd really like to be. Sigh.....


Beckie aka Bexter said...

Ooo I so know the feeling of relocating! We did it last year when we moved form Ireland to Scotland. Packing away the craft stuff was the hardest!!
Love the name of your blog :)