Mac Docs

Yes, that is where my poor, damaged Mac is at this very moment, at the Mac Doc. Well, actually, it's a store with great Mac support here in SLC, Ut (www.macdocs.com). I now have been subjected into using a PC (wince), until my dear Mac can come home. I still don't really know what's wrong with it, but whenever I try to use it for more than 20 min., it starts making crunching noises. I know, crunching! And even if I've just started it up and I go straight in to Photoshop, it crunches straight away. So all my photos are on that computer, and all my digi kits are on that computer, so I am at a standstill when it comes to any digiscrapping. I could do some traditional scrapping I guess, but all that fun stuff has no where to go yet, and is still in a box somewhere in storage until we move into (and buy) a new home. Oh! My poor Mac! Please come home to me soon!