One Of My Own

Finally, one of MY pages. Made with Tinkering Ink's Westminister Collection. This one was my very first attempts at a digital scrapbook page. (yeah~for me!)

I'd recently met the Owner/HeadDesigner of all these incredibly artistic collections through happenstance as we were visiting a friend of my husband's, who lives just around the corner from her. Having discovered I'm into scrapbooking (like a crazy person, I am) and my husband's love for self-start-up companies, he took us over to meet her. Kezia Whitteker is an amazing woman. I truly admire her for her enthusiasm for life, despite the challenges life throws her way. But not only that, she's had her fun in the fashion industry, as well in the field of interior design. Now she's implementing her talents and techniques for our use in the world of scrapbooking!

After meeting with Kezia, we left with a handfull of her collections on CD, as I'd said I'd liked to try my hand at going digital (with try being the key word here). Well, since I had absolutely NO idea of where to start, I decided to do a total scrap-lift job, just to see if I could do it. Above is what I ended up with, and you can view the original by Emilie Ahern here.(thanks Em!)