1/23/09 Layout

So I'm completely taken with all of the classes available for digital scrapbooking!

Check 'em all out over at jessicasprague.com! I'm currently in a class called 'Now We're Rockin' with Photoshop', a digital scrapbooking class for intermediates.


This week was only week 1 and I'm already SO glad I signed up. And just look at what I did!

Always Remember
Papers: Trish Jones
Torn Paper: KPertiet
Alpha: mfen september afternoon alpha
Heart Element: JSprague
Brushes: JGaylor Valentine, JSprague Rounded Corners
Font: Century Gothic
Actions on Photo: Pioneer Woman Set 1; Fresh & Colorful, Pioneer Woman Set 2; Bring On the Eyes
Photoshop CS2

Ye-heya! We did a ton on this layout here. The coolest part was that it was all on a video tutorial! Can I just say, "TH-HANK YOU!"? Because I am, oh so very much so, a hands-on-learner.

Do as I do. Ever heard of that? Yeh~ that's it. That works. (for me.)

So we got down and dirty and up to our elbows in techique and everything!

This is what we did:

Changed a color pic to a sepia tone
Created a mask and let color peak through at the focus point
(the ball in my case above- not *that* great, I know... I'm working on it.)

Used the curled edges paper over the photo
Created guidlines for the columned jornaling (nice and handy technique there)
Used an overlay for the outside edges
Stamped with a brush (white hearts on the photo)
Copied and Pasted the Alpha
Rounded Corner Edges (w/a brush)
And more that I'm sure I forgot to add here.
A few more things.
I'm just goin' off the top of my head here.

So! Fun stuff, right?! Now I've gotta go and practice some more on my own so it all sticks. Isn't there some saying or study out there that says if you use repetition 7 times it'll be committed to your memory?


I'm gonna go get busy then!