Hey Everybody~ sorry there's no freebie list up today. I know~ Bummer! I'm kinda put out by it too. BUT~ Mondays are full of all sorts of never-a-moments rest for me these days.

Although~ I am happy to say that for the time being, as of today, I am able to say that I have one less obligation to attend to on Mondays. My daughter is no longer in dance at the place where she's been, and we've not yet found the next location/teacher for her. So I have a bit of a break ahead of me for the next few weeks! Yay!

I'll tell ya what~ Mondays really wear me out!

And due to the constant PhotoBucket hacking/listing on my site... I've decided to change where I get my template from. (no, I currently do not make my own backgrounds...yet.)

So I hope you aren't too surprised with it. Or too bothered by the change.

Me likey you looky my bloggie.

And that's about as far as I'm going tonight, since it's already technically tomorrow.

Thanks ya'll!