Lesson #3 Going Manual

Ahhhhh!!! Going full-on Manual! I thought it would be scary and hard, but really, after the first 2 Lessons, it makes *total* sense, and I wonder at how scary I thought it was going to be!

For those of you just joining me, I've been taking an online photography class hosted at jessicasprague.com by none other than the brilliant Canice Stringham, called Oh Shoot! Digital Photography. And I am really *loving it!* I remember back in 1998 and 1999 when I was in college and I'd enrolled myself in an online class. It was so strange to be doing it all on the computer and there was never any face-to-face interaction with the teacher.

In today's world, I find it amazing at how connected and personable we can be. Even professional! And all from the comfort of our own homes, in whatever attire we may be in at the moment, and still be a few clicks away... from work, from family, from friends...from whatever! It can be real great! And handy!

So taking this online photography has been a *blast.* I've been able to view and download all my Lessons at my own leisure, and there's even video tutorials, so I can see the lessons with a hands-on approach! (Which is just perfect for me.) So at least I can see the teacher, and still learn from her. And since it's a vid, it's less time consuming for the teacher! For in future classes the lessons can be re-run, so to speak, for the next classes! How efficient!

Some of you may be thinking, "C'mon Lady! It IS the 20th century after all!" But I just can't help but think back and see how far we've come. It's pretty cool.

And now... I think I'll be getting my money's worth out of that new DSLR Mother's Day present after all. With time. And practice. Must always practice. Which I really don't mind at all as I think it's a lot of fun. Bonus!

So here's what I posted as my Assignment (to see past assignments, search keyword 'Photography')... and then I've also posted some others here that I debated handing in as well. And be forewarned~ for online posting reasons, they're not the *best* quality (so I don't have to wait 2 hours to upload them on Blogger. I know~ totally selfish of me, but hey, it's getting late, but I'm doing all for you!).
And one more thing~ all my photos here for my assignments have not been Photoshop'd. They're just what came straight out of the camera.
LOL~ Isn't he great?!! I thought so. This was just after my kids and I had left the house in a whirlwind to get to school on time~ which we were, I'm happy to say. (It's been a challenge as of late.) But really~ my son's lunch bag is there in the back, along with a used cereal bowl and spoon, a toy car, and last, but most certainly not least, 'Dino' ~ right there in front and center. Also, note the crumbs on the counter-top. They never seem to *ever* go away! No matter how many times a day I wipe them off, they somehow keep re-appearing...

Anyways, here are the others I toyed with sending in as my Assignment:

I like how this one looks like a star to me. And you can see the seeds still attached, almost ready to take flight. It reminds me of Flick from A Bug's Life when he takes off to go find his fighter bugs. :)

This red leaf one was a close runner up to submission. I just loved the warmth emitting from it in the early morning light. It was just after dropping those rascally kids off to school, and I went out to my back yard and found this lone leaf still alive on this barren branch coming out of my fence. And the exposure captured was *just right* in my opinion.

Even though I've already turned in my assignment... which one(s) do you like best? Do you have any critiques? Any useful advise? I'm all ears and open-minded, ready to drink it all in like a sponge, so let me know! Feedback is good! Thanks ya'll!