03/10/09 Freebies

I'll tell ya what~ I have been having one crazy week that all began over the weekend. Saturday morning I got up out of bed in a hurry and didn't pay attention to my body, and ended up pulling my Achilles heel tendon, simply by walking across my tiled kitchen floor barefoot.


I know!

But true.

So. I've been trying to stay off it as much as possible, which isn't much actually, as this week is chuck full of. . . a ton of stuff that has to be done!

And I'm on the verge of baggin' the whole week! I'll tell ya what. Why is it that not only does my kids' school have a bunch of stuff going on, so does my church, as well as my extended family, AND my husband!

And I feel like we are running around all over the place!

I need a breather. . .

C'mon now, breathe with me, ya'll.

IN. . . .

OUT. . . .


That feels much better. I should do that more often. But not so often that I end up hyperventilating instead of relaxing.


Here's your list People!