02/27/09 Freebies

I can hardly believe it snowed yesterday! Well, okay, not completely, because it makes sense that a warm day would precede a snow fall. It's just that it was such a bummer to wake up on a Friday, of all days, to some not so great weather.

And to top it off, my daughter and I COULD NOT find her coat *anywhere* this morning. So she had to wear her old coat that is so short on her now that her wrists are exposed. She whimpered and complained, and THEN... she told me she'd left her good coat at school the day before.

What?! Not that I was mad~ just... well, we'd just searched through practically every nook and cranny in our oh-so-not very clean house before she decided to tell me the truth about where it was!

"Silly girl."

And then this is the look that usually follows.

And yes, we tend to go through these sorts of situations quite a lot at our house. All due to this lovely angel you see here.

At least she was only cold going from the car~ straight into the building. Now I'll just have to see if she ends up bringing home both coats, or not.

Here's the Friday Freebie List!