Where To Start With Digital Scrapbooking

I have to tell you that I'm really having a lot of fun getting all caught up on my blogging. The only thing wrong with that it that I might not be posting for a couple of days afterwards. So please be sure to scroll down and see all I've posted today. There's a TON of freebies I've found for you and you won't want to miss out on them.

So here's the thing~ I know some of you have been wanting to know where to begin when it comes to digital scrapbooking. Well, here's what I wish I did. Jessica Sprague has *a bunch* of classes going on her site. It used to be, and still is this way for some classes, that you had to know the register date and stay up late to hurry and sign up for the class you wanted to get into, before it fill up within the first 10 minutes!

Although NOW~ the beginners class, called Up & Running With Photoshop, is now completely video tutorials, and thus now purchasable for downloading, right then and there. They are self-paced classes, which means that if you don't quite *get* something, you need not worry about falling behind the rest of the class! I *love* the idea of it, and am contemplating taking the $45.00 class, simply to see if I missed anything and so that I can then tell you from first-hand experience what the class is like.

What I *can* tell you from first-hand experience is that when I started out on my journey of digital scrapbooking, I started using *only* Jessica's magazine, Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers, put out by Creating Keepsakes.
Computer Tricks for...
And I got pretty far! I'll admit that I also used my husband's knowledge of Photoshop as well, but really, he didn't know how to apply it all to scrapbooking... So off I went, digi-scrapping with just me and Jessica!

But now there's this class! Someone to show you step-by-step with the newest versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements! Yeah! So read up on this, and see if it's for you!

P.S. Jessica now has a second volume of her afore mentioned mag available for purchase; Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers 2
Creating Keepsakes: Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking 2 by Jessica Sprague

Here's what Jessica has to say:

Chances are, you've been collecting digital photos for a few years. If you have ever wanted to do something special with those truly special photos you have, learning Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is the answer.

I love Photoshop Elements because it's a great balance between ease-of-use and the power to get things done and have a great time. BUT there's a learning curve involved (as you might have discovered if you've ever opened the program and tried to do anything with it).

That's why I started this class. Up & Running with Photoshop will take you on the first steps of a great adventure in learning skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life. In this four-lesson, video-based course, You'll learn all the basic tools and how to use them to manipulate the materials of the digital scrapbooking craft: digital patterned paper, brushes, embellishments, and type.

You'll leave class with the ability to make gorgeous pages you can print and slip into albums, embellish with traditional supplies, or print in bound photo books.

Up & Running with Photoshop is a four-lesson, video-based, SELF-PACED course just for beginning digital scrapbookers. This class is JAM-PACKED with information, inspiration, free goodies, and VIDEO lessons that put me right there beside you as you begin your Photoshop journey.

Let's summarize some of the features of our class:
  • I'll walk you through four video layouts, and show you how to use Photoshop's basic tools and functions along the way. Each video lesson is between 35 and 60 minutes long, and is divided into bite-size, do-able tasks that will have you improving your skills in no time!
  • My step-by-step video lessons let you see and hear the techniques, at an easy-to-understand pace, with techniques that build on one another. You can stop, rewind, and restart the videos as many times as you need to.
  • You'll get a downloadable digital kit that contains everything you need to be successful in your class, including all the page backgrounds, embellishments, patterned papers, ribbon, brushes, and more!
  • You'll receive four bonus assignments with extra free downloads to further hone your skills.
  • We'll also discuss additional bonus material about topics of interest to every digital scrapbooker, including organization, fonts, your computer, and photography.
  • You can register at ANY TIME, no need to wait for a class date!
  • If you have questions during your class, our warm and friendly community on the General message board is ready and eager to help!
  • You'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire course.
  • All of the videos you'll see will be available forever from your course home page at JessicaSprague.com. No expiration, EVER
For a Course Overview or to purchase this class, view it here.


karen(karooch from scraps of mind said...

Hi Aimie

Jessica Sprague is a great digital scrapper and she has wonderful tips on her blog.

I hope you don't mind me mentioning that I also offer a digital scrapbooking course designed for beginners. I teach using Photoshop Elements not Photoshop. And beginners can get started by going to my free site Step by Step Digital Scrapbook which has a bunch of free info and videos to get you started.

And if they want some more personal coaching I also offer a weekly mentoring program that offers step by step video tutorials in how to create great digital scrapbook layout with Photoshop Elements, as well as a complementary digital scrapbook kit with each class so you can jump in right away and make your own version of the demonstrated layout.