Ginger's Store's Grand Opening!!

Okay ya'll! Here's what's going on. My favorite blog to stalk is, as you may know, gingerscraps.blogspot.com, where Ginger is constantly finding freebies to list for all of us freebie-finding-addicts out there. Well, for a while now, Ginger's been putting together her own kits to give away as well. And finally, someone has helped her to get a store up and going for all her great designs! And having the entrepreneuer husband that I have has taught me *something* in the world of marketing, and her getting a store up and going is really a good move. So I'm *totally* stoked that she's going places! Especially after all the work she's put into researching out all those *tons* of freebies out there for us! C'mon! Right?!!

So...I thought I'd let you all know that her store's grand opening will be Friday night, where there will be lots of fun offers, freebies (of course), challenges, and discounts being offered, as well as gift certificates. Here's what Ginger had to say about it all:



There are 7 challenges- A lot of them have a participation prize and a $5.00 off coupon for winners.

Be my Muse....... hmmm what could that be??

I am going to give a $5.00 gift card to some lucky ladies- If you happen to be the..... # who registered at the forum I will PM you with a coupon code for $5.00 off any purchase at the store. Los of chances to win!

And of course there is the little Win It ALL game!! We wanna get to know you. Its a competition.... From opening Friday the 26th at 12:01 AM PST to Sunday night at 12:00 midnight PST- whoever has the most posts in the forum (excluding me and my CT) Will get the entire store!!! Yes- that is right everything for FREE!!!

Oh and FREEBIES!! You know me I am a sucker for a freebie - And I am giving a good one!! All weekend you can stop by and get my newest - unreleased full kit for free!!! It is sooooo cute!!! See that little cocktail glass in the invite up there.... that will give you an idea of what the kit looks like:)

I can't believe it is on only a few days!!!! I would say someone pinch me but I bruise easily so no pinching please LOL :) I will post some more kits with LO's soon! Ginger

Sneak Peek Alert!!!

Check out some of Ginger's kits! Nice, right?! I can't wait to get and use her Kiwi & Strawberries Kit, as I've seen some *super* *fab* layouts done with it. So hopefully I'll see you on her site, Friday Night! (FYI - The link to her store site will be posted Friday on her blog.)

Fancy Fall Kit

FancyFall--All--by--GingerS FancyFall--by--GingerScraps

Kiwi and Strawberries

-K&S ALL- k&S-paper-preview-with-shad

A Mermaid Tail

-Ocean coast with waves, sand, and cloudy skies

Mermaid-Paper-3Memmaid-paper-1 Ocean coast with waves, sand, and cloudy skies

Man oh Man-

Man-Oh-Man---by-GingerScrap Man-Oh-Man2---by-GingerScra

Cool Off

-Cool Off Elements 1 with label and words Cool Off Elements 2 with label and words_edited-1Cool Off PP with shadows and label and words no flower