Gotta Check It Out~

While you're here... (and while I find some time to post some pages)
Have you ever finished the most satisfying and aesthetically pleasing page ever... and then realized that you have no idea what to journal on it? I know that for myself, it can be frustrating as all get out! So, for some examples of some heartfelt journaling, visit the Creating Keepsake's site at creatingkeepsakes.com.

And THEN... sometimes I find that even though I have a shoebox filled with an ever-increasing stock of photos (until i go digital that is), every now and then I feel the desire to scrap something that speaks a thousand words for that particular time in my life. Something that's totally random, yet still me. Like, what's in my refrigerator right this instant (and what's in there that's the most tempting), and what's on my grocery list, or on my What's Hot list for Spring of 2008. (You never know when those bug-eyed sunglasses are gonna be so last season.) And then I'll have absolutely no clue as to where to begin to journal for it! (frustrating!) So check out Ashley Wren's blog, Overlooked,
for inspiring ideas on what to scrap, and where to find (inside of yourself) the thoughts and feelings to journal for those great pages~ and scrap about it now!