03/05/09 Freebies

Funny Story. (with freebie list added below)

Last night, as my family and I sat down to dinner, we decided to allow our 2 1/2 yr. old to drink his *red* (sugar free) juice from a cup without a lid. But he was only allowed to have enough juice to wet his pallet after each bite of dinner. Not a whole cup-full.

As his food on his plate diminished, and he was allowed larger amounts of juice in his cup, he got a bit excited. And when he gets all giddy like that, it's hard not to let the excitement spread. We simply can't help it. He's too cute.

Then Daddy started clicking his plastic cup against our toddler's, and at the same time, saying 'Cheers!' And, of course, all the other kids got involved in the out-of-the-norm display of dinner-time etiquette.

And because little kids learn so well from imitating what they see, our little one began the ceremonial clinking of the plastic cups again.

Only this time. . . he said, 'Table!'

It took me a sec to figure out why red juice was coming out of my husband's nose, even though I'd heard what the little rug-rat had said. . . or meant.

Smart kiddo!

Sorry! I posted without adding the list! Hold on a sec, and I'll get it up. . .


Julie said...

Ha-ha...That is hilarious. I can just picture the scene with all the kids and little Chase saying that and Philip blowing red juice everywhere!! Thats a great one!!